Use bat to start Powershell script


I have a batch file test.bat to start a powershell script:

The script test.ps1 (located at C:\myscripts) is a very simple one like:

Then I tried to start test.bat. I should get three arguments passed to ps1 but I got the following result:

args count: 5

What I expected in the script, args[0] should arg1 and args[1] should be “arg2 with space” and args3[2] be arg3. I cannot understand why the script actually gets 5 arguments.

How can I pass parameters from cmd or batch to powershell as what I expected? Like this:



I think you should try to avoid using double quotes as cmd already uses them too and therefore it’s a little hard to predict what exactly PowerShell will get. Remember that this gets passed through two shells and therefore two layers of escaping/quoting.

PowerShell itself doesn’t make much of a distinction between single and double quotes. At least in this context the difference is irrelevant.


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