Using non-string as $env: variable


I’d like to store a hashtable in an environmental variable–is that possible in Powershell?

Here’s how I’m testing this:

And getting confused, because output is:


TypeName: System.String

Name MemberType Definition

—- ———- ———- Clone Method System.Object Clone()
CompareTo Method int CompareTo(System.Object
value), int CompareTo(string strB)

… So when I return $env:test directly, I get ‘Hashtable’, but when I pipe it to get-member,
system.string is returned. Can someone please explain this behaviour?


Environment variables ($env:stringVariable) are strings. However, it appears you want to make a non-string variable of type hashtable global. That can be done by using the global modifier ($global:hashtableVariable). This will allow you to access the variable from one script file in another as demostrated here




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