Where is settings.json for powershell configuration in Windows Terminal?


I’m new to Windows 10, having spent a lot of time on Mac OS X and some on Ubuntu, and I’ve read a lot about the types of things that are good to put in the settings.json file for my PowerShell, but I can’t seem to find anything that tells me where this file resides.

For example, the “Set up Powerline in PowerShell” section in this Microsoft document tells you to edit your settings.json file (specifically in the subsection titled “Set Cascadia Code PL as fontFace in settings“), and points you to this document telling you about the layout of this file, but it doesn’t seem to tell you where to find it!

In case the subsection gets changed, this is the first two paragraphs of that section:

To set the Cascadia Code PL font for use with PowerLine (after
downloading, unzipping, and installing on your system), you will need
to open your profile settings in your settings.json file by selecting
Settings (Ctrl+,) from your Windows Terminal drop-down menu.

Once your settings.json file opens, find the Windows PowerShell
profile and add: “fontFace”: “Cascadia Code PL” to designate Cascadia
Code PL as the font. This will provide those nice Cascadia Code
Powerline glyphs. You should notice the change in your terminal as
soon as you select Save in your editor.

Where is the settings.json file?


You can find the location of the settings.json file with the following Powershell commands:

To open it from the Windows Terminal directly:

  1. Ctrl + ,
  2. Edit the settings.json file.
  3. Save settings.json file.


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