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Welcome to CloudAffaire

CloudAffaire was started as a weekend project to host a website in the cloud but over the last couple of years, it has grown to a complete blogging platform providing free knowledge on Cloud and DevOps related technologies.

If you have a passion for technical blogging and want to share your knowledge with the Cloud and DevOps community then send me a mail on debjeettoni@gmail.com or ping me on LinkedIn with the New Author Form and Sample Blog Document.

Blog Guidelines :

  • Your blog needs to be strictly on Cloud or DevOps related technologies.
  • Your blog should contain at least one hands-on demo for the topic that you are blogging on.
  • You cannot refer to any other source apart from the official product documentation page of the topic you are writing on.

Blog Format:

Blog Heading

  • Heading should describe the topic of your blog.
  • Its recommended having the heading in a question format, for example how to <your topic> or what is <your topic>

Blog Introduction

  • A short introduction to the topic you are going to cover.
  • Can be divided into multiple paragraphs if it’s too long.
  • Should contain at least one mention of your blog heading.

Blog Content

  • Theoretical details on the topic.
  • Can have multiple sub-headlines based on the topic.
  • Can have an image in jpeg format (size < 200 KB)
  • Should be between 600 – 3500 words for the entire blog length.

Blog Demo

  • Demo should be thorough with proper comments and steps.
  • Demo should be reproducible with minimum cost.
  • Demo should have the system/OS/application version details.
  • Demo should have a cleanup section at the end.
  • Demo code should have no syntax error and proper indentation.
  • We recommend to have a programmatic approach for the demo instead of GUI.

Blog Ending

  • A brief description of what we have achieved in this blog.
  • Reference link to the product official documentation related to the topic.

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Sample Blog Document


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